A Look Back

The 2013 Girls Going Places® Entrepreneurship Conference at Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, Florida, was attended by over 140 middle school and high school girls from local schools, and over 30 women in business and women business owners.



In Their Own Words…

“If you’re going to make it in this life . . . you’ve got to be creative, you’ve got to be passionate, you can’t be afraid, and you also have to know how to manage money. Many girls, including my own, need to know how to manage their money.”
Conference Mentor

“I learned that we need to take the initiative for the future, to make sure we can support ourselves.”
Student, 17

“You have to go for what you want, but you have to do it with your whole heart. It has to be a love, a passion – you can’t just do it because someone else is, or for the money.”
Student, 17

“I learned you can be anything you want to be,”
Student, 12

“You have to see what’s out there. You can’t just think you’re going to be something if you don’t try.”
Student, 13